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Tynemouth Outdoor Pool


1 July 2013


pbimaging produced a series of aspirational marketing images to redevelop the existing Tynemouth Outdoor Pool.
Director Peter Bailey said "We hope these images will create interest and discussion with the local authority and potential developers. The existing beach cafe is a great success and with Front Street becoming increasingly popular with bars and restaurants, we think this could be a great success and help improve the coastal area as a whole"

At the southern end of Tynemouth Longsands beach, on the North East coast, lies the decaying remains of Tynemouth outdoor swimming pool. A concrete rectangular salt water tidal pool, built in the 1920's and opened on the 30th May 1925. Popular with locals and holiday makers alike for over 50 years. It began to lose favour in the late 70's with the introduction of cheap package holidays abroad, just as other British coastal holiday destinations lost out. 
The pool fell into disrepair and in the mid 90's, when the Local Authority demolished the ancillary buildings and back-filled the pool, with concrete and boulders, to form an "artificial rock pool". The anticipated marine life never flourished and the pool remains an eyesore to this day. 
This video from 1971 shows the pool in better days with local football legend Malcolm McDonald judging a beauty contest in typical north east weather!